How To Determine Ring Size Without Her Knowing

If you’re thinking about proposing to your girlfriend, there might be a million questions running through your head. Determining the ring size for your girlfriend can seem like a decision that could hold up the whole process. 

If you’ve kept every detail about the proposal as a surprise, then don’t let the task of how to figure out your girlfriend's ring size stop you. We’re here to help.

Start With The Averages

The average ring size for most women is between a US size 5 and US size 7. You can go off these averages to determine her ring size without her knowing. If she’s thinner, maybe try a size down. 

While this might work, everyone is different and not every woman is going to fit in with the average. Some women also like a tighter-fitting ring, while others prefer a loose fit.

It’s a good idea to keep in mind that the dominant hand might be a little bigger. So if she’s right handed, her ring finger on the left hand—where she’ll wear her engagement ring—might be smaller in size than the one on the right.

If you’d rather not guess on her ring size, there are plenty of other ways to find out your girlfriend’s ring size.

ring mandrel 

Check The Jewelry Box

Once of the easiest ways to tell what the exact size she has is if she already has a ring that fits her ring finger. If it is a ring she doesn't wear very often, you can just take it with you to the jeweler and they will be able to determine the size for you. 

If you don’t want to risk taking it away for the day, try slipping her ring onto your finger. It will be too small, but that’s OK. Mark on your finger where the ring falls. Now head to the jeweler and let them measure the mark to determine the size of the ring you tried on.

Jewelry box

Still No Luck? Try A larger Ring Size

If all else fails, try going with a larger ring size. The idea here is that it’s always easier to size down than it is up. Sizing up is trickier as the jeweler will need to add extra gold or other metals. Keep in mind that most engagement rings are able to resize.

Once you have the measurements you’re all set to begin the process of choosing the perfect ring. It’s time to start browsing our incredible range of dazzling engagement rings.